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Michigan Exhaust Cleaning is well known as the most Thorough Restaurant & Industrial Exhaust Cleaning Company in Michigan


A small version of our Methods and Process for cleaning

(Process below will vary depending upon Restaurant Exhaust System without compromising Quality & Safety)

A crew member preps the kitchen in the following fashion:

  • All Kitchen Exhaust Systems are Completely Cleaned, not just the areas that  our customers see

  • Pictures are taken of the complete system throughout before and after during exhaust cleaning

  • Cooking equipment if on wheels and quick disconnects will be moved from the area under hood

  • Cooking equipment that will not be moved is then covered over with plastic and burn boards

  • Fryers or other oil holding devices are covered with burn boards and separately wrapped in thick plastic to keep water & contamination out

  • Plastic is dropped form ceiling or over prep and serving lines to protect from contamination

  • The method of funneling the hood with plastic is used when applicable to keep it off the floors

  • The funneling process allows the wastewater generated to funnel itself into our lined garbage cans for proper disposal

  • All filters are removed, along with drip cups and other necessary removable components of hood

  • Checks for access panels on duct work in ceiling; this includes moving ceiling panels or other for access

  • If access doors are found they are opened and scraped to bare metal, and then closed for degreasing

  • If there are no access panels and it shall hinder complete cleaning this is noted as inaccessible and access panels are recommended to customer


  • Then the crew member scrapes any large buildup in the troughs, plenum, & ducts from below before degreasing process

The main technicians job during prep below:

  • Checks that the kitchen exhaust system is properly working, and notes any problems for you

  • Shuts down and locks out electrical for exhaust fans at the breaker box

  • Check fans for possible problems; including bad belts, bearings, dirty motors, any failing components

  • Checks that all grease cups are properly working on fan and not missing

  • Inspect all areas of the duct system for failing areas and notes them



The cleaning process:

  • Both the technician and the ground crew keep in contact during the process for safety purposes

  • The ground crew watch wastewater flow and control and problems below

  • The technician starts at the fan and fully cleans the fan; blades, bowl, top, bottom, sides, and cup

  • The duct work is then cleaned from the top of the roof down as far as they can reach

  • If the duct is long a spinner is sent down; which sprays water at all sides of the duct all the way down

  • When the tech is finished with the upper portion they then head to the lower

  • All access panels and duct that was not accessible from roof is now cleaned

  • Then the rest of the systems below is cleaned, including troughs, openings, hood and more

  • When the tech is happy with cleaning the ground crew then take over the final cleaning steps

  • The crew dry down all stainless on the hood and remove any water that is standing in the system

  • When the hood is dry the entire hood is then polished to a beautiful like new shine using a stainless polish

  • The filters are then installed back into position and all equipment is put back and pilots lit

  • The plastic is removed and the area is cleaned and this includes wiping down and mopping the floor

  • The kitchen area will be left cleaner than when they found it.

  • The power is then restored and the tech once again checks for proper exhaust function

  • An after service report is filled out and a sticker of completion is placed with service date and your next cleaning service date with areas that were not accessible marked on report and sticker as inaccessible

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Michigan Exhaust Cleaning Proudly Services the Following Counties for Restaurant & Industrial Exhaust Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair:

Macomb, Oakland, Saint Clair, Lapeer, Wayne, Washtenaw, Jackson, Monroe, Livingston, Saginaw, Shiawassee, Genesee, Bay, Midland, Gladwin, Clare, Isabella, Mecosta, Osceola, Wexford, Missaukee, Kalkaska, Grand Traverse, Traverse City, Manistee, Benzie, Leelanau, Antrim, Lake, Mason, Ingham, Monroe, Gratiot, Clinton, Montcalm, Ionia, Eaton, Calhoun, Charlevoix, Roscommon, Kent, Barry, and more.

If you do not see your County listed please do not hesitate to call and inquire about service in your area.

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